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Introducing Hooperhandlez 1 on 1 tournament starting on October 1st

10 : 00 am - 1 : 00 pm

Derrick 1.jpg
Derrick 1.jpg


Free prizes will be awarded to players who win!

 1 win = Free Jersey!

2 win = Free shorts!

3 wins = Free Hooperhandlez shoes!

4 wins = Free training with Lachlan Arnot!


Training Video!

5 wins = $500!!!

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How the day works

Each player will play at least 2 games win or lose.

If you win you move on to the next round!

4 pools of 8 players.


Pool A - Age 10

Pool B - Age 10

Pool C - Age 9

Pool D - Age 9

The winner of each pool will play against each other to decide the Tournament winner and whoever wins receives $500!

pool 8.jpg
Sport Tactics


4 minute games

Second foul = 1 bonus free throw (make or miss other players ball)

if your score - Losers keep! (if you score the other person starts with the ball)

After a steal/rebound or change of possession the player must take 1 step outside the three-point line before scoring. 

Losers Ball - When the offence scores the defence can take it out the net and start playing (continuous) he must step outside the three-point line before scoring.

Three pointers = 2 points

Two pointers = 1 point

Each Game will have 1 referee.

Flip a coin to see who starts with the ball.

Make sure to sign up in the correct pool


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